December 3, 2015 admin

The holiday season is here and you know what that means… holiday parties! Entertaining can be tricky in an apartment, but it can be done! Here are some tips to help you be the ultimate host.

First of all, know that hosting will be more work than you expected.

If hosting were easy, everyone would be throwing parties. Hosting requires a lot of skill and preparation. Having a couple of people over may seem easy, but being a proper host is a lot of work. It can be more work than you intended, like cleaning the toilet or cleaning all your dirty dishes.

Don’t over invite and know some people just won’t make it.

You don’t have a ton of space in an apartment. Inviting any more than 20 people may be pushing it. You don’t want your guests to feel like canned sardines. Also, keep in mind that up to half of the people you invite might not show. The digital age makes it easy to ignore or deny a party invite. Thanks, Facebook! Try not to be offended by those not attending your event.

Think about rearranging your furniture for event.

Try to create an open environment so people can’t group off. Moving your coffee table to the side of the room can open up a lot of space. Also, take this time to look around and put away anything you don’t want guests to see (or mess with).

Go for some classy details.

Adding a centerpiece and decorations for a themed party is a great touch. Or, if you are having a board game night, have the board games already out and on display. Are you having a dinner party? Write the menu or the night’s events on a cute card. These small details make the event seem like an event. Having a themed party with no theme present will make your guests feel out of place.

Know there might be some spills or burnt food. Things won’t be perfect.

Mistakes happen. No matter how many coasters you put out, your guests might not get the hint. Try not to lose your cool when things go wrong. An awesome host will be calm and collected at all times. Just be prepared and have some carpet cleaner on stand-by.

Have food and drinks - even if it is a later event.

Just because your party is at 8, it doesn’t mean people won’t get hungry. Have cocktails and food prepared for the people that magically didn’t bring anything. We all know those people that come to a party and forget to provide any food or drink for themselves - even when it was on the invitation. Bite the bullet and grab a case of beer and some chips just in case.

Do everything you can before the party starts.

You should enjoy the party, too! Cook ahead. Do as much prep as you can before the party starts so you can mingle with guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

Be careful with the music.

Keep it as a background noise. Louder music will force your guests to talk over the music. Noise complaints aren’t cool!

Have a drop off place for coats/purses and shoes.

Create some space in your closet to store other people’s belongings. Then you won’t have a shoe mountain in front of your door.

Lastly, try to let go and have fun.

Yes, you are in charge, but try to enjoy the event. That is why you hosted it, right? For fun! Let people help out if they want to and relax a bit. Your true friends will stick around until the end of the party and help you clean up.

Now start planning! We hope you have a lovely holiday season whether you are the host or the guest. For more information on our luxury downtown apartments, call us today at 314-492-3994 or stop by!