October 21, 2015 admin

If you haven’t lived downtown before, you should give it a try. It is a different change of pace that offers a lot of perks. Take a look at what downtown living has to offer.



Are you sick of the 15-minute drive to the nearest store? Most things are a short walk away in the city - no car is needed. Walking as a main source of transportation is great for your health too.

Something for everyone

The city offers something for everyone. Are you a sports fan? There is Busch Stadium. Love art? You have museums and galleries at your fingertips. Like to shop? There are tons of unique shops to browse.

There is housing for everyone, too. Buildings are always being renovated or built, and they can offer affordable prices. (Like Arcade!)


Cost effective

Living downtown doesn't have to break your budget. You can save on gas money and there are no parking hassles. There is affordable housing and the city offers free events too.

Shorter commute

No more sitting in rush hour. You can walk to work or utilize public transportation. Some city dwellers don’t use their car for weeks at a time.

The city can boost your social life

The city is full of people, it is hard not to make friends. You can meet people at your favorite events while your friends from the suburbs will love to visit.


There is a certain energetic vibe when living downtown. If you find yourself always going to the city, for work or fun, consider living downtown. Arcade Apartments offers luxurious lofts as well as apartments for artists.